Efficient insulation, lasting protection, attractive design

Premium materials for sustainable building

Climate change, urbanization, the swelling middle class: All of these global developments will have a tremendous impact on the construction industry. Buildings must consume less energy and emit lower amounts of greenhouse gases; they must be durable and efficient, and meet the demands for comfort and design. Premium materials can help achieve these goals. Covestro specializes in the corresponding products and solutions.
Sustainable buildings are key to climate protection

The company markets a broad range of materials for the construction industry. Polyurethane insulation materials, for instance – the components of which are manufactured and continuously advanced by Covestro – can significantly reduce the energy consumption of buildings, meaning that they emit lower amounts of climate-damaging carbon dioxide.

Coating raw materials based on polyurethanes are ideal for protecting heavily trafficked areas, such as floors in commercial buildings. The right adhesive components make it possible, for example, to use wood instead of heavy structural materials in construction.

Modern architecture, however, must not only be functional and environmentally friendly; it must also look good. The lightweight, transparent, freely formable performance plastic polycarbonate from Covestro offers innumerable options for unusual designs of roofing, skylights and facades. Polycarbonate is also the material of choice in the lighting sector, where it is used in energy-efficient light-emitting diodes.