Innovative materials can be found in many parts of a car

On the move with innovation

Mankind is becoming increasingly mobile. The number of commuters is increasing, as is the transport of freight. This is also leading to a growing demand for environmental awareness, efficiency, individuality and comfort in the transportation sector. Covestro is well placed in this respect thanks to its innovative chemical-based materials, sustainable material solutions and process technologies.
Lightweight, durable and easy to process – the use of plastics in vehicles is on the increase.

Whether transportation is taking place on land, sea or air, plastics are a long-established part of a vehicle’s material inventory. They now account for around 15 percent of materials in a mid-size car, and this proportion is increasing all the time. The benefits are obvious – our material make cars lighter, improve their fuel economy, are easy to process and offer virtually unlimited design freedom.

Examples include the high-performance polycarbonate, versatile polyurethane, and a wide range of cutting-edge coatingsadhesives and films. As a global partner to the automotive and transportation industries, Covestro produces the raw materials these sectors need and works hand in hand with them to develop potential new applications on an ongoing basis. The company has experts working at development centers around the globe.

Products from Covestro are used in all parts of a vehicle. In addition to making the bodywork lighter, the interior more comfortable and the lights more energy-efficient, they produce surfaces that combine style with functionality.

The materials and solutions can also help pave the way for eco-friendly electric mobility. And they make a contribution to sustainability on many other levels, too.