We make our invention power work for you

Coatings, Adhesives & Specialties


As your leading partner for polyurethane (PU) chemistry, we know that superior PU raw materials are the building blocks of exceptional coatings. Thus, we want to make our invention power work for you – by improving your productivity, driving sustainability, ensuring reliability and co-creating future-proof businesses.

From aliphatic and aromatic polyisocyanates to polyether and polyester-based co-reactants, polyurethane dispersions, and powder coating resins, Covestro provides the raw materials needed to protect and enhance a wide range of products and projects.

Adhesives and specialties

Cars, shoes, furniture: Whatever you want to glue, our PU raw materials provide reliable and durable bonding. This will enable you to do good business – always on the cutting edge of development.

As a leading partner in polyurethane chemistry, we know that PU raw materials form the basis for exceptional adhesives. So take advantage of our innovation power – by increasing your productivity without sacrificing quality. Improve the sustainability of your products, optimize your production processes and at the same time develop future-oriented business areas!