Covestro - Solar Water Purification System

Covestro emphasizes its commitment to drive sustainability, handing over “Solar Water Purification System,” an eco-friendly solution that enhance well-being to Ban Tao Pun Hai community in Rayong.

31 January 2020, Covestro handed over a “Solar Water Purification System”, a solution that comes with a world-calss technology, to Ban Tao Pun Hai community in Rayong, Thailand company aiming to enhance sustainable well-being of people in the community. The solar water purification system enables children in the school and commnuties to access to clean drinking water produced from clean and eco-friendly solar energy. Covestro believes that the solution will be one of the efforts to drive better living for communities which is alighed with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Dr. Juergen Meyn, Managing Director of Covestro (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said,  “Through the years, Covestro has emphasized business that goes side by side with social responsibility with our committment to 3P principle: ‘People’, ‘Planet’, and ‘Profit’ to ensure that anything we do, will be benefit to those elements. With our strong ambition to drive sustainability through innovations, Covestro around the world including Thailand put best effort to ensure our mission, “to make the world a brighter place” with our sustainable operating standard and innovation along the whole value chain. It is our goal to enhance better living standard of communities everywhere we operate.”

Covestro (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. and the world-class Polycarbonate Production site in Map Ta Phut, Rayong has operated in Thailand for more than 20 years. Throughout the time, the company runs its business along with promoting better living and co-existing with community in long term. The effort is not only through traditional social responsibility activities but also through its innovative Inclusive Business model, which is hundred percent focused on solving a societal problem and reinvesting profits. By working with customers and like-minded partners to find readily innovations made out of our materials, Covestro invests extensive resources to uplift living starndard for the communities.

Ms. Ada Hua, Head of ASEAN Inclusive Business, Covestro (Thailand) Co., Ltd. supported that, “Covestro continues an effort on this new project, a Solar Water Purification System which is in collaboration with F Cubed and HiTechPlast, to support better access to clean drinking water and improve sanitation conditions for children and communities with eco-friendly technology. We have applied Covestro’s polycarbonate films material to use for this system owing to its attribution of high durability in long term use and high-transpency rate with ability to expose to sunlight. The solution operates hundred percent by the solar power therefore, we can produce the clean water without utilizing any electricity and it becomes very effective to be applied anywhere especially in remotes area.

“The key concept of Solar Water Purification System is based on the natural process of distillation which separates pure water from wide range of contaminant. The solar energy passes through the plastic panel which resulting in evaporation of the water source. The evaporated water then condenses. The distilled water travels to safe water outlet and is available for drinking. Covestro launched this system for the first time in ASEAN in 2019 to benefit a group of ethic minority children in the school located in the mountainous province of Dien Bien in Vietnam. In 2020, we continue the expansion of this project to other schools in ASEAN especially in Thailand. This pilot project today at Ban Tao Pun Hai School, Rayong is just the beginning for tens and thousands of children across ASEAN to have the easy access to clean water”, Ms. Ada added.

 “We believe that our “Solar Water Purification System” is an innovation that can benefit both school students and communities to reach sustainable well-living with clean drinking water in long term. And it is also considered to support sustainable way to make the world a brighter place for future generations” Dr. Juergen Meyn concluded.

About Covestro:

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