High standards in corporate compliance

Guided by integrity

The global nature of Covestro’s operations means that our activities are subject to a multitude of statutory regulations and standards throughout the world. That makes corporate compliance a particularly important topic for us.

Covestro manages its businesses in an ethically responsible way and in compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements of the countries in which it operates.

Corporate compliance means acting with integrity and observing the legal and ethical framework at all times. Our Corporate Compliance Policy forms the framework for acting in accordance with the rules, based on expertise, fairness and reliability.

Our corporate conduct is characterized by a sense of responsibility as well as ethical principles. Covestro’s reputation is a key contributor to our company’s value. Our stakeholders expect us to conduct our business with integrity.

Our compliance principles provide us with the foundation on which the company as well as every single employee is to base their decisions – it defines the boundaries of our behavior as employees.