Pushing boundaries, promoting growth

Making the world a brighter place

The world is changing rapidly and has tremendous challenges to master. Covestro is helping along the way with technologies and products that benefit society, lessen impacts on the environment and turn a profit. By these means, the company wants to push boundaries and make the world a brighter place. All its activities are founded on its three corporate values: curious, courageous and colorful.

Climate change, rising mobility, global population growth and increasing urbanization: Global trends such as these are tremendous challenges. But Covestro refuses to be daunted and sees them instead as an opportunity to further push the boundaries of possibility.

A powerful vision

Heading into the future, the company is guided by a simple and powerful vision: It wants to make the world a brighter place. The company fulfills this purpose by developing premium polymer materials, promoting innovation and providing sustainable products, technologies and products that benefit society, help preserve the products that benefit society and reduce impact on the environment and create value, in line with the sustainability principle: “People, Planet, Profit.”

Inspiring values

To fulfill its purpose, Covestro needs a corporate culture that requires and promotes innovation and responsible care. The company therefore is committed to three values that reflect this mindset and approach, and serve as a guide for all people within the organization:

Curious: We are open to new ideas and hungry for progress. We constantly search for improvements. Curiosity prompts us to listen closely and offer solutions that are creative, need-based and unexpected.

Courageous: We have an eye on the future, and recognize opportunities where others see limitations. Where others ask “Why?”, we reply “Why not?” Our knowledge and experience enable us to push existing boundaries.

Colorful: In the often gray corporate world, we stand for colorful diversity, optimism and creativity. We know that different points of view help to solve problems innovatively.